Dara Callie Silverman

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown
Tel. 1 (908) 313 4268 (USA)

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Theater Credits
Play                                      Role(s)                            Director(s)                     Theatre                             

We Are Three Sisters                                         Emily Brontë                                             Chris Monks                                           Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

The White Devil                                                 Count Lodovico                                                    -                                                  The Crescent Theatre, Birmingham

Masterpieces                                                      Jennifer                                                     Lynn Farleigh                                         The Old Rep Theatre, Birmingham

Hamlet                                                                Queen Gertrude                                                   -                                                   Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

Nicholas Nickleby                                              Madame Mantallini, Mrs. Grudden, Ensemble  John Adams                                           Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

Shakespeare and the Language that Shaped a World        Self/Juliet/Phoebe/Helena                      Jennie Jadow                                        Shakespeare & Company Educational Tour

Love's Labour's Lost                                           Katharine/Sir Nathaniel                           Kelly Galvin                                            Shakespeare & Company

Shakespeare and the Language that Shaped a World        Self/Phoebe/Helena                                Jennie Jadow                                         Shakespeare & Company Educational Tour

A Midsummer Night's Dream .                         Starveling/Philostrate                             Jonathan Croy and Douglas Seldin       Shakespeare & Company

Shakespeare and the Language that Shaped a World        Self/Phoebe/Helena                               Jenna Ware                                              Shakespeare & Company Educational Tour

Emperor of the Moon                                         Dara/Cupid                                            Jenna Ware                                               Shakespeare & Company


Film and Television
Show                                                                   Role(s)                                     Platform                          

Stir It Up                                                                                                                  Chef Stef                                                                  Beanstalk                                          


Master of Fine Arts: Acting, 2021

Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, with Distinction.

Conservatory style training program, featuring training in acting, voice, movement, singing, speech, and fight.

Faculty: Alex Taylor, Roger Bartlett, Polly Hudson, Dave McKenna, Robert Miles, Clifford Milner, Lise Olson, Francoise Walot, Simon Ratcliffe, Andrew Potter, Jennifer Mitchell, Sarah Jane Ashford, Colin Lang, Ellen Hartley, John Adams, Lynn Farleigh.


Conservatory, 2013  

Shakespeare & Company

Intensive training in Linklater voice work, Shakespeare text, movement, fight, clown, and rhetoric.

Faculty: Dennis Krausnik, Tina Packer, Andrew Borthwick-Leslie, Kevin Coleman, Tori Rhoades, Douglas Seldin, Michael Francis Toomey, Kristen Wold.


Bachelor of Science, Theatre: Acting Concentration, 2013

Skidmore College, Cum Laude.

Minor in Religious Studies.

Faculty: Lary Opitz, Douglas Seldin, Carolyn Andersen, Alma Becker, Phil Soltanoff, Will Bond, Kate Kelly Bouchard.


National Theater Institute, 2011

Eugene O’Neill Theater Center

Intensive training in classical, contemporary, and Chekhovian acting styles, directing, playwriting, design, collaborative development of new work, production, and fight.

Faculty: Stephen Brown-Fried, Jeff Janisheski, Donna DiNovelli, Elizabeth Rothan, Skip Mercier, Brian McManamon, Dr. David Chandler, Kim Weild, Donnie Mather.


Directing, Various Dance (Ballet, Modern, Tap, Jazz, Ballroom, Flamenco, Swing, Salsa, Israeli Folk), Movement, Costume and Wardrobe (Intern under Aaron Mastin), Stage Management (Intern with Sleep No More NYC), Sound Design and Programming (Proficient in QLab), Stage Management, House Management, Baking, Latin Poetry Recital, Knitting, Hand Sewing, Flying Trapeze Knee Hang and Catch. 

Resume PDF and references available upon request.