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an actor, a director, and a teaching artist.

I graduated from Skidmore College in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science (cum laude) in Theater, with additional interests in Religious Studies and Genetics.  I then became a company member at Shakespeare & Company in the bucolic Berkshires, where I remained for six years.  Somewhere in there, I married my marvelous husband, a fellow actor, director, and teacher, and, my favorite of all, my best friend.  In 2019, I left New England for Old England, moving to the UK to pursue my postgraduate degree in Acting.  Since earning my MFA, I've landed in New York, and since moving here, I've brought Hannah Arendt's words to life, made imaginary recipes with real kiddos, and directed a play written by a brilliant eleven year-old.  For fun, I love baking, reading, hiking, board games, list-making, learning everything from ASL to Yiddish, and crafting.  I'm very passionate about exclamation marks, and am thoroughly stressed out by knitting.  

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